Saturday, December 23, 2017

Obtain The Unobtainable

While living in Taiwan I had the experience of riding almost entirely nonstop, from my home to the coast or various destinations depending on the day. I was doing this because I wanted to achieve a goal of being a long-distance rider. One of the rides I went on, began from my apartment past fields, homes, and farms. Riding along, to my right I could see a train making its way to a nearby town. Along the way, a good distance out, I thought to myself, “I’m so tired. I’m cold. I do not know how much further until I get to the coast.” I wanted to give up. For a moment I began to be frustrated. I took a glance at the train and instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided I would race the train. Race a train?! I must have been thinking rather irrationally. But, off I went, racing on the road many feet away from a train. I pushed myself, feeding off frustration. It led me a good distance ahead of where I had been and for that I was grateful.

It was in those moments of despair where I thought it would be easier to give up and head home, that I succeed. At what? I rode 30 kilometers, exactly 18 miles. I succeeded! Not just that day but repeatedly for years. I used the stress, frustration, and challenges I faced as fuel to propel me forward while I rode.

This taught me a valuable lesson on success. What I’m saying here is this; you can succeed at what you desire. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” The only thing getting in your way of success is fear. It is in those moments of nearly giving up that we grow and may obtain that which we thought was unobtainable. You do not succeed until you overcome the fear of failure, of what others will think, and the fear that resides deep in the midst of your own mind. Success is measured by the amount of determination you have. By how far you’re willing to go to achieve something you’ve never done before.

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