Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unselfish Service To The Homeless

Yesterday December 21 I got the idea to go out and buy something’s for the homeless, I've been wanting to do so for a long time. Well, me and my friend Julian decide to try it! 

We bought something’s, and then looked around and there weren't any people in sight. We walked around the train station, there were two homeless guys with blankets, coats, clothes, etc. and were smoking so we decided to keep searching. 

We went down into the tunnels near the train station we looked again no one in sight. We were walking when Julian pointed and said,” Look there is someone." Finally, I was hopeful and excited to help! We walked some to not draw so much attention, but got some courage and went for it. We approached a man with not much. Julian looked at me and said,” What should I say?" I grab a pair of gloves from out of the bag and said,” Just say this is for you." 

My Chinese isn't very good so I just watched hopefully waiting. Julian talked with the man he shook his hand showing that he didn't want them. Julian got up and told me that the said he didn't want them. As we were walking away the man said in Chinese "thank you." We started walking up the stairs out of the tunnel when Julian looked at me and said,” Do you know what he said to me?" I said,” No, I tried to understand but couldn't. What did he say?" Julian replied,” He said he doesn't want the gloves and was going to commit suicide." I said,” Wow! That breaks my heart." 

I prayed in my mind for the man and my eyes started to water, no tears came out though. Julian later told me how it's common here for homeless people to not want things from others, how they feel if they don't have a job then they don't deserve it. I was still grateful for the opportunity to go and try to serve.

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17

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  1. Pray for him and may the holy Ghost comfort him in Christmas!