Monday, December 23, 2013

Promptings from The Spirit and A Bag of Cherry Tomatoes

I went to Eslite a bookstore here looking for some books, etc. When I left I came out and was going to go across the street and then maybe do some more shopping. I have seen this woman so many times selling fruits and vegetables, but I didn't think she was homeless. 

I had my one foot a little further out than the other since I was about to cross the street, then I had promptings from the Spirit just a feeling that I should turn around and buy something. I heard the Spirit then promptly say,” Go back! Go back! Don't leave her! Go back!" I responded to the prompting immediately and turn around. The woman was drifting off to sleep, I came behind her near her left shoulder, and I touched her and said in Chinese,” Excuse me." At first there was no response, so I touched her and again said,” Excuse me." She then responded by waking up and smiling at me. I said in Chinese while pointing at a bag of three bananas,” How much are these?" She said in Chinese,"100 N.T." I thought about it, step back looking at the other fruits and vegetables she had, and then said in Chinese while pointing at a bag of four oranges,” How much are these?" She said,"100 N.T." She was starting to pick up the bag for me, even though I hadn't decided yet. I then thought about it a little longer, then pointed to a bag with cherry tomatoes and said,” How much is this? Is this also 100 N.T.?" She said,"100 N.T." I dug in my pocket getting two 50 N.T. coins, put them in her hand while smiling, she then gave me the bag of cherry tomatoes, and I said thank you.

During the time of me deciding there were two girls near her and one said to the woman in Chinese,” How much is this?" The woman said,"100 N.T." The girl said to her friend in Chinese,” Wow that's so much." However, after I was leaving crossing the street I heard a different voice (I think) asking the woman in Chinese, “How much is this?" I was smirking while hearing that and cross the street...turn into a ripple effect. I thought,” That’s awesome!"

As I was getting on my bike, I didn't want to do more shopping, and decided to just go home. I thought on the way home,” What are we going to do with these. Well, the family does like salsa." By the dad makes some really good homemade salsa. A little while after coming home and inside the house I told her what had happened and I handed her the bag of cherry tomatoes. I was crying while telling her. She said,"I'm proud of you! You know the true meaning of Christmas." She said to my dad,” Do we want to use these for salsa? Is it gonna be enough?" My dad,” Yeah, should be." My mom promptly took one from the bag and put it in her mouth (she loves tomatoes). Yay, I was right gonna use them to make some salsa! 

Christmas is in two day, it felt right for one thing, and for another serving and or giving isn't just for doing on the holiday's. Remember that please. I love serving and giving to others, always have. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unselfish Service To The Homeless

Yesterday December 21 I got the idea to go out and buy something’s for the homeless, I've been wanting to do so for a long time. Well, me and my friend Julian decide to try it! 

We bought something’s, and then looked around and there weren't any people in sight. We walked around the train station, there were two homeless guys with blankets, coats, clothes, etc. and were smoking so we decided to keep searching. 

We went down into the tunnels near the train station we looked again no one in sight. We were walking when Julian pointed and said,” Look there is someone." Finally, I was hopeful and excited to help! We walked some to not draw so much attention, but got some courage and went for it. We approached a man with not much. Julian looked at me and said,” What should I say?" I grab a pair of gloves from out of the bag and said,” Just say this is for you." 

My Chinese isn't very good so I just watched hopefully waiting. Julian talked with the man he shook his hand showing that he didn't want them. Julian got up and told me that the said he didn't want them. As we were walking away the man said in Chinese "thank you." We started walking up the stairs out of the tunnel when Julian looked at me and said,” Do you know what he said to me?" I said,” No, I tried to understand but couldn't. What did he say?" Julian replied,” He said he doesn't want the gloves and was going to commit suicide." I said,” Wow! That breaks my heart." 

I prayed in my mind for the man and my eyes started to water, no tears came out though. Julian later told me how it's common here for homeless people to not want things from others, how they feel if they don't have a job then they don't deserve it. I was still grateful for the opportunity to go and try to serve.

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17