Monday, November 11, 2013

Sister Milligan: Hello Family

My younger sister is currently serving as a short-term missionary, she'll be back next week.

   I just wanted to send y'all a quick email to let y'all know how everything's going.
Last night my companion and I went with the elders to have dinner at a member's house. We had hot pot. The food was good, but most of it was sea food, which of course I didn't eat because of me not liking it. I couldn't understand about 90% of what was being said and didn't get much translation, so I felt a little awkward out of place. It's was nice to have at least gone though.

I obviously went off of my "diet" of eating healthy foods. However, once I finish the short term I'll probably go back on it because my stomach hasn't been feeling the best, but I have to make do with what we have to eat.

I've continued to exercise daily, except on Sunday's of course. I kinda miss dancing along with Just Dance though haha, but I'm trying to stretch my muscles more and definitely working out my legs by riding around on a bike. I've been coming home tired each night because of all the riding, but I've been sleeping really well because of that.
Today, Monday, is windy, so it might be a little harder to ride around. :/ I'll try my best and jia you! (refuel; add gas; go; etc.) This evening we're having dinner with the district (4 elders and us 4 sisters that all meet in the same church building). I'm slightly nervous about that. Tomorrow we have a district meeting.

The past few days have been kinda hard, and I've honestly been close to giving up, but Sister Gruwell has helped me and been very patient with me. I'm so thankful to have her as my companion. Seeing y'all yesterday also helped.

Momma and Daddy, I love y'all so much, and I thank you for your encouragement.

Kenzie, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for letting me use your shoes! They're the only ones that seem to work for both riding my bike and walking (and running when necessary). My new shoes and old shoes worked well for riding, but not walking. The new shoes gave me blisters, and the old ones were like trying to walk around in flip-flops....and they're flats. Oh, also they pantie hose you got me didn't fit like at all. They were too short and too small. I tried putting them on, and I ripped a hole in them before I could even attempt to get them all the way on because they were so small. I couldn't help but laugh when that happened. :D

Heavenly Father has really been blessing me with strength to continue, get through the day, and to ride my bike haha.
There's more that I can write about, but I can't think. Bleh!
I miss y'all and Ricky! I love y'all!


P.S. Please send this around to family, friends, and ward members. *hugs and kisses


  1. Good for ya!!
    Wish you best of luck on your mission:))

  2. I'll let her know you said that. :)