Sunday, November 17, 2013

Re: Dear Sister Milligan

Dear Sister Milligan,
I know with all my heart that as you pray to the Lord when your in struggle the Lord will answer you. Turn to Heavenly Father in prayer! As I have experienced myself when serving a short-term mission I was taught it was important to let my companion know how I felt, even when I thought it would be hard to do so. It's actually not hard, it's great letting your companion know your feelings, and it's like talking to a best friend. Your companion will help and guide you, remember we are human it's okay to express are feelings. In a book called "Missionary Miracles: Stories and Letter from the Field" there is a great example of a sister missionary expressing her feelings;

"The Best Day I've Had"
Brazil Belo Horizonte-Mission

This last week was truly a great one. Things have been pretty frustrating the last little while, so we had a meeting with the elders in our ward about how we can turn this place around. Our meeting ended with a desperate prayer to our Heavenly Father to help us and guide us to be able to help this ward grow.
I think the next day was the best day I've had on my mission so far. We went out to the “end of the world” for a couple of discussions with families there. The first discussion was with a family we've been teaching for a few months. The mother has a testimony and wants to be baptized, but the father has been very hard-hearted because of their financial problems and thinks that God has abandoned him. They also have had problems with their marriage due to the financial stress. The father had to go to work for his father—four hours away on foot, in the middle of nowhere. When we got to their home, he had returned from work as a completely different person. He told us that he now trusts God and has faith that God knows what’s best for his family.
After that we went to our next appointment. The husband has already heard the discussions twice and has really changed but always has some excuse not to be baptized. Right now his excuse is that he doesn't know how to pray correctly, even though he has a testimony and goes to church every week. We gave a lesson about the Savior’s sacrifice and asked him to choose someone to pray for us. He hesitated, and his wife asked him again to choose someone. He turned to us and asked if he could say the prayer. We quickly agreed and bowed our heads before he could change his mind. It was a beautiful prayer. He cried, his wife cried, we cried, everyone hugged, and we left in complete awe of the spirit we had felt.
Well, if that wasn't enough for one day, we had planned to visit a family who had been taught by some other missionaries but hadn't yet been baptized. When we got there they were excited to see us. The mother cried as she told us that she had been praying for God to send us to them.
My companion and I couldn't do a thing after that. We just sat by the edge of a dirt road at the “end of the world” for about thirty minutes and thanked our Heavenly Father for the changes we had seen. Everyone always asks if we ever get homesick—yes, I miss you all, but I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be here and to be able to witness so many miracles, even something as simple as a prayer. Don’t ever doubt it; don’t ever forget it.
Love you,
I hope this story helps and up-lifts you! It has done so for me many times in the past, for that I'm grateful.
We're truly proud of the accomplishments you've made and that your coming to learn the language easier. As you continue to pray to Heavenly Father that your tongue might be loosened, practice speaking to and teaching others, I'm sure the Lord will strengthen your language skills. 

The Family

P.S. Elder Boyd's companion Elder Chen asked dad if you sent pictures to us, dad said no. However, now he's thinking ya'll have taken some crazy pictures at ya'lls zone meeting. haha

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