Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free English Class

Wednesday 1/16/2013 

Tonight I went to English class and spoke with a woman who is Taiwanese, but has visited India. She told me she stayed at a hotel with 25-30 or 20-30 people and they had a guide. They ate at the hotel sometimes Indian food, but sometimes Western food, they used forks and other silver wear to eat instead of eating with their hands. Wendy is the name I gave her. Wendy told me stories of her trip and what the architecture was like. She spoke of there are different kingdoms in India and religions. Although, I already knew of that part I still enjoyed listening. She spoke of different levels of society there; richer people may not necessarily eat with their hands while lower class people will. She said when visiting India it’s good to have a guide with you because it’s dangerous there. Besides having a guide with her she also had two Taiwanese friends that went also. Wendy said its expensive going there, coming back, eating, and staying at a hotel. However, she told me it would be cheaper for a hotel if you go by yourself, but safer going with a guide.

I asked her, “Are you a teacher, what’s your job?” She replied, “What do you think I am, take a guess?” I said, “I think you’re a teacher.” She said, “Yes.” I asked her, “What do you teach?” She didn't catch what I said and replied by saying “what?” I asked again, “What subject do you teach?” She said something about teaching or talking with students about stress and anxiety. She also told me that the place in which she taught was at a university.

Wendy asked me questions as well, “why do you like Taiwan, how long have you been here, and how many siblings do you have?” I told her I like Taiwan because of the food, the language, culture, scenery, etc. I told her I have two brothers and a younger sister. Then, I told her I’m 20 and that my dad went on a mission here many years ago in Taipei. After, he went home he met my mom and they got married. They had my oldest brother and when he was about two years old they lived in Taiwan for two or three months, this is what I told her. I then told her later my parents had my next older brother, me, and my younger sister. I spoke of that when we’re older my dad wanted to teach in Taiwan. I said, “My mom, dad, me, and my younger sister moved to Taiwan while my brothers stayed in the U.S. The question of how many years we've been in Taiwan I replied, “ We've lived here for four years. She told me she has a daughter who is planning on studying in the U.S. and wanting to get a master’s degree.

Later, Sister Cisney reminded me to share a scripture with her. I went and got my scriptures, but didn't share a scripture. Instead, I talked with her about “The Plan of Salvation.” She then told me we could pray and asked me to pray. I prayed and not long after we finished English class.

There were only two investigators in the English class today, Sister Cisney talked with and taught a guy named Vincent, while I talked with and taught Wendy. It was great!   

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